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Fetch Them All started in a family with deep love for dogs.

Hi there! We are Ina & Bobby, the founders of Fetch Them All.

We have always loved dogs. Bobby’s love towards these amazing creatures started when he was a child, with his first dog Silvera - a silver poodle. Then, when we became a couple, we decided to expand our family and our great Elizabeth Pocket Beagle named Biglina found us. We call her “our Alien that protects us” because she is simply amazing. Then, 3 years later, we took the decision to adopt a mixed breed puppy. So, after a so-called adoption weekend in our city, it occurred that nobody had taken Marie and the people organizing this weekend, told us about her. We think that she was waiting for us :) Then, we went to the shelter, fell in love with her and now she is the most loving sweetheart. She is a great example to us. So, in short, this is it. And because we adore dogs, as well as the fact we wanted to give value to something good, we came up with the idea about Fetch Them All.

On our website you will find beautifully crafted, super comfortable apparel, amazing jewelry and handmade accessories.

We donate a portion of money earned from this store to help fund the dog shelter Animal Rescue where a great team is looking after and giving their hearts for abandoned animals, mostly dogs.

This means that your purchase not only gets you awesome apparel - but helps precious endangered animals!

We pride ourself in connecting with all of our customers, and our customer service is unparalleled. If you ever have any questions, we are only an email away.

Happy Shopping! Woof!

Ina & Bobby