Your Mission in Animal Rescue Sofia | Fetch Them All


The mission

We firmly believe that each and every dog matters and not only that, each and every one of these beautiful creatures deserves love, attention and support. We, as dog lovers, do our best for our own dogs, we also give love and attention to our friends’ dogs and we enjoy playing with other people’s dogs, because we all have one thing in common – we simply love canines. We want to be the best dog parents in the world and we are sure you do too. But we know that there are dogs out there that are not fortunate enough to be part of a loving family or to have a caring owner, still they deserve nothing less than a happy life.

Following our belief we are set on a mission to help dogs who are less fortunate, abandoned, neglected, hungry, disabled and alone. That is why we have teamed up with Animal Rescue Organizations in hot spots around the world, where dogs are having really hard time.

With every purchase you make on our site you provide food for dog shelters in places where governmental, social and other insitution are not able or do not want to help.

Each purchase at will fund a specific number of meals of high-quality dog food for shelter dogs through our partnership with Animal Rescue Organizations. Below you can see the impact of every product you buy:

The Impact

Product Purchased             # of Shelter Dogs Fed

Giant Tennis Ball                                       3

Shirts                                                         4

Hoodies                                                    4

Bowl                                                          5

Memorial Bracelet                                    3

Mugs                                                         3

Posters                                                      2


We are constantly on the look for Animal Rescue Organizations around the world in urgent need for help and donations. After a very careful selection process we have chosen several of these organizations to partner with. In our selection process we take into consideration criteria like regulations, number of dogs in the shelter, living conditions, food and safety, financial situation and many others. Our first partnership is a reality and we are very excited to share it with you.

Our Partners

We came across multiple articles and petitions about problems like animal abuse, lack of financial and social support for dog shelters, neglected starving and sick stray dogs and other serious animal related problems in Bulgaria. We researched the situation in this small Easter European country and found out multiple cases of corruption and misuse of EU funds which has resulted in a critical situation regarding the stray dogs in the country. We decided to find and help independent organizations which are really trying and struggling to help dogs in need. Animal Rescue Sofia (ARS) is an independent volunteer organization (not associated with the government), which relies solely on donations from individuals and companies to take care of hundreds of shelter dogs. We were deeply touched by all what Animal Rescue Sofia does to help dogs in danger having in mind the extremely difficult situation in the country. Their mission and everything they do is so close to what we believe in that we decided to partner with ARS in our cause to help dogs around the world live a happier life. The volunteers at Animal Rescue Sofia are true heroes, read their inspiring story here.

Success Stories

Below you will see only a small portion of the great results of our joint efforts with Animal Rescue Sofia. Read our adoption story here. We are looking forward to making even more dogs happy with your help!