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In the times when E-commerce is booming and governments around the world are still struggling to create copyright legislation for the web, Art is being stolen every minute.

Hundreds of artworks are downloaded freely from the Internet and used on various products which are then sold in huge quantities generating millions in profits. Most of the creators of these designs do not even know about this. And of course, they do not see a penny from the profits.

We are a team of people working together with artists to change this!

We believe that the work of artists MUST be respected and MUST be rewarded fairly! We think that if the work of artists and creators is rewarded, this stimulates them, gives them more space and freedom to get inspired and make great things happen.

We want to stand up for all the artists whose work has been taken advantage of.

Our initiative “Respect the Art” aims at reducing the stealing practices and making sure artists get their portion of the generated profits. The good news is some companies and big brands are opening their eyes for these practices and do not want to be associated with them, so they are becoming our partners and helping us in our efforts.

Here is what the participants in “Respect the Art Initiative” are saying

Adriana Tonev – young mom and graphic designer

“My name is Adriana and I am a graphic designer. I am a young mom and I love creating cute patterns and illustrations for my little one. A year ago I started making those for other moms to enjoy too. I work long hours while my baby is asleep and put a lot of effort into my designs.

I was very upset when a friend told me she saw my patterns on products which were being sold online. I had no idea and this news made me very sad and frustrated. I saw the e-shop was selling quite a lot of baby sheets with my design with low quality. Then another shop appeared, then another one... all using my design without the rights to do it. I thought it was not fair but I could not stop it. I was helpless.

Then I started sharing with fellow designers and they told me about the “Respect the Art Initiative". I thought it is awesome because it stands for the same values I believe in. The team is very professional and they helped me a lot in minimizing the amount of stealing from the very source. Now, I feel supported and I know my designs are not circulating the internet and being stolen, just like that. I am making between $500 and $800 every month from my designs online. This money helps me spend more time working on what I love most – creating designs and drawing, as well as spending precious moments with my baby.

I am grateful I became part of “Respect the Art Initiative” and I hope the message reaches more creators like me, because guys, we don’t deserve to be robbed like that!”

You can see some of Adriana's designs in our store here.

We would like to welcome all creators in the family. Join the initiative and help us spread the message. We are here to support you and have your back!

You deserve better!